Family Lunch At Greene Oak, Windsor


今日は、夫の弟夫婦とウィンザーにあるパブGreene Oakでランチをしてきました。

We had lunch with my husband’s younger brother and his wife at the “Greene Oak” in Windsor.




We shared one dish as a pre-lunch nibble – deep-fried pickles.  None of us have seen them on a menu nor have had them before.  Well, they were as you would imagine pickles (those cucumber ones often found in burgers) dipped in batter and fried.   The sauce was supposed to be Stilton sauce but it didn’t taste much of Stilton. They were not greasy and were pleasant, but a bit strange.  I did a little search online and found out that they are popular in the Southern US.



My husband and his brother had Sheperd’s Pie & Lamb Cutlet.  The Sheperd’s pie wasn’t made with mince lamb but with shredded lamb.  Vegetables were from the side order menu.



My sister-in-law had, I think, Hake.


I had burger again.  I don’t particularly like burgers but I end up ordering it quite often because there isn’t anything else I can eat on the menu.



We ordered 2 of “Tarte Tartin For 2” but each one was very large so 4 of us shared one and took the other one home.




After lunch, we went back to my brother-in-law’s by car, dropped off the car and went out again for a walk.  As you can see from these photos, it was beautiful weather, although quite windy and cold.  We walked about an hour, I think, to the river (the Thames), along the riverbank, then back home.






A strong storm is expected to come to the south of England and Wales tomorrow and there is a rare red weather warning out.  We put the small pots etc inside, my husband tied the patio tables and chairs together so they won’t fly away, but we are quite worried about our new thin trees and our tall and thin Bay trees that were planted recently.



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