Mapo Noodles & Homemade Gyoza


I realised that the best before date for Mapo Harausame (noodles) my sister sent to us was middle of November last year.  It’s “best before”, not “use before” so I thought it should still be OK and decided to use it for dinner today.  We also wanted to have gyoza so we had some of the ones that we made and froze a few weeks ago.  We enjoyed both.


We didn’t have any bean sprouts, so we used carrot, baby leek, spring onion and stems of broccoli for the Mapo noodles.  On the packet it says it’s for 3 people and it is quite filling when you add vegetables as well, we sometimes find it too much if we make other dishes so we had only 6 gyoza each.   Both of them make you want to have beer!





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