French Patisserie Lesson (via Zoom) / ‘L’eclair a la Fraise’ and ‘Verrines Aux Fruite Rouges’

今日参加した今月のフランス菓子教室(Ecole de Patisserie chez Haru)のズームによるレッスンで教えていただいたのは、

  • L’eclair a la Fraise (いちごのエクレア)
  • Varrines Au Fruite Rouges(赤いフルーツのグラス・デザート)


The cakes I baked through the Zoom lesson of ‘Ecole de Patisserie chez Haru’ were these two.

  • L’eclair a la Fraise (Strawberry Eclair)
  • Varrines Au Fruite Rouges (Glass dessert of red fruits)


We baked 9 eclairs and decorated them in 2 different ways.  We needed to bake eclair choux, make creme patissiere with strawbery flavour and a Chantilly cream with strawberry flavour, then assemble them.


One has bottom choux, creme patissiere with strawberry flavour, chopped fresh strawberries, chantilly cream with strawberry flavour, topped with the top choux, a little white chocolate and dried and crushed strawberries at the end.  The other one has bottom choux, creme patissiere with strawberry flavour, chantilly cream with strawbery flavour, top choux and sliced fresh strawberries.


I’m so bad at shaping the choux that I was too embarrased to share any of them with our neighbours this time, but these are so light and not so sweet, we don’t seem to have any problem with eating them just between two of us.  At tea time today we had 2 each so there are only 2 each left.  I love creme patissiere and this one with strawberry flavour is delicious!




Glass dessert of red fruits has a compote of strawberry & raspberry first, then panna cotta with strawberry & raspberry flavour, then compote again.  We will enjoy this after dinner today later.



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