Pasta In Pork With Zucchini


I had just planned to cook some sort of pasta for today’s dinner but hadn’t decided what sort to do, so I asked my husband if he could find ragu or something similar in the freezer.  He came back with “Pork with Zucchini” that we froze when we cooked it last time, so I told him we’d have to find another casserole dish or something from the freezer as “Pork with Zucchini” that we froze wouldn’t be enough for 2 people.  He said we could use it as a pasta dish rather than as a stew, so we tried.  The recipe for this stew was from this blog (Japanese only) and the recipe is here.  We just defrosted it, added a little tomato paste, some chopped olives stuffed with garlic and chilli (just because they were in the fridge) and made the pork shredded rather than keeping it in lumps and tried it as a pasta sauce with small penne-like pasta – it was surprisingly tasty.  I think we would happily cook it as a pasta dish rather than using left-overs.






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