Jool’s Favourite Beef Stew


It was another very sunny and beautiful day.  I went to my hair salon in the morning but we didn’t have lunch in Chichester as we usually do because we needed to be home in the early afternoon, so we had a quick lunch, then I did some weeding in our garden!  This is about the 3rd time for me to do weeding.  When we were living in an apartment and talked about coming back to England my husband always said he wanted to live in a house with a garden, but I always said to him, “I love flowers but I hate insects so I would not be doing things like digging the soil and weeding.” and my husband always said I didn’t have to as he would do all the gardening.  However, there is a lot of chores that he has to do that I cannot do, so I felt too guilty to leave all the weeding to him.  At least it’s not as hot as in Japan and there aren’t any mosquitos, but it is a hard work for my legs and back.  I’ll do it when I feel like doing it, but probably not often.


Today’s dinner was “Jools’ Favourite Beef Stew” from Jamie Oliver’s recipes- we cooked it a little while ago and froze the left-over.  We had it with some stem broccoli.  The plates are very large so it doesn’t look much but it was actually quite a large portion, my husband had an even bigger portion.





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