Chinese Dinner With Friends


We had a Chinese dinner with our friends today.


We haven’t had many Chinese meals since we moved to England.  In London we went to Din Tai Fung a couple of times as well as a Chinese restaurant, and we did go to a Chinese restaurant in Lyndhurst, but I think that is all.  My husband used to have to eat very unusual and, to him, not nice things in China since he started going there on business 30-some years ago until he retired, so he doesnt’ have a very good image of Chinese meals, he also doesn’t like how bright and non-atmospheric most Chinese restaurants are.  We didn’t think the Chinese restaurants around here would be very good, so we hadn’t tried any near us.


I asked my friend if she knew any good Chinese restaurants not far from us and that’s how we decided to go to a Chinese tonight together.  It was more like a canteen than a restaurant, but we saw many Chinese families there so it must be one of the best in the area.


Vegetable spring rolls.


Chicken satay.


Fried tofu with chilli and salt – no seasoning….


Sweet & Sour Pork.


Sizzling Beef fillet with fermented black beans.


Stir-fried Gailan.


Singapore noodles.


I forgot to take photos but we also ordered dessert: 1 Banana fritters and 1 Candied apples and shared them.  We also ordered rice, 3 bottles of beer and a pot of Jasmin tea.


The total bill was 48 pounds per couple after adding a tip.


Comparing to “so so” restaurant in Hong Kong, I think it was perhaps about 70 out of 100, more or less what I expected.  I think it’s one of the better restaurants in England except in London.  Personally I liked the dessert best, then the spring rolls and satay.



Oh, how I miss dim sum from Hong Kong…!


The Taste Of China
115 High St, Cosham
Portsmouth PO6 3BB


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