Holiday Day 2 / Dinner

今日のディナーは、滞在しているホテルのバーで軽くいただくことにしました。実は、何年か前にウィンダミアに滞在した時に滞在したホテル、Gilpin Hotel のメインレストランの食事がとても美味しかったので今回も行きたかったのですが、数ヶ月前に予約を入れようとしたら既に3日間満席でした。他のレストランもいくつか見てみたのですが、良さそうなところはどこも満席だったりお休みだったりでとても残念です。

We had dinner at the bar of the hotel today. When we stayed in Windermere some years ago, we stayed at Gilpin Hotel, and the dinner we had at their main restaurant was very good so we wanted to book a table there during our stay (3 nights). I tried quite a few months ago but sadly it was already fully booked (or not open, it wasn’t available anyway). I tried a few good-looking restaurants but they were all fully booked or not open and there was no table available.


The bar at the hotel was quite night, though. I had a beef burger, which was good, my husband had fillet steak (no photo) and he said it was good, too. We then shared Whisky Marmalade Steamed Sponge Pudding, which was also good.

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