Holiday Day 3 / Driving In The Mountains Around Windermere


It’s been a very beautiful day today here in Winderemere, it’s cool in the shade but quite hot under the sun.


We went to a cafe we’d been to a couple of times before for lunch today, but they’d changed completely. Their menu was very small, they did have a couple of salads but most items were just breads and pastries. When we there before I had a flat bread with lovely topping but that wasn’t on the menu today. We thought they’d probably changed because of Covid but we found out that they changed only around September last year, apparently due to staff shortages. Such a shame, they had quite good menu before.


I had roasted a vegetable and couscous salad and some sourdough French bread, and my husband had an Aloo Gobi pastie. Although they were good, I don’t enjoy eating a salad from a plastic cup like at a picnic – I don’t mind it at a picnic but not nice otherwise.


After lunch, we drove to “Eskdale” because I had noted the area as being beautiful in one of my holiday research memos and it happened to be very ‘close’ from the cafe. Well, it was ‘close’ in terms of the distance but it actually took us more than an hour to get there because the road went over some mountains and was very narrow and wiggly, with some parts being quite scary to drive, but the scenery was amazing so we were glad we drove there. We also noticed that the majority of the sheep we saw were grey, dark grey/black or brown rather than usual white and the majority of the lambs were black in the mountains. I guesss they are special breed. Anyway, the lambs were very cute.

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