Holiday Day 4 / Lunch At The Lingholn Kitchen & Walled Garden (Keswick)


The weather forecast said it was going to be cloudy in the morning and raining in the afternoon, but luckily they were totally wrong and we had another beautiful day! As you cannot predict weather months in advance (you can see the forecast but even the forecast on the day is often wrong so there really is no point) we just had to pick a period of time for our trip, hoping the weather will not be too bad. We are very happy that the weather has been so good as the beautiful views will not be as beautiful in the rain.

今日は、Keswick湖まで走って、Keswick近くにある「The Lingholn Kitchen & Walled Gardenでランチ。駐車場から少し坂道を歩いたところにありました。


We drove to Keswick and around Derwent Water, stopping for lunch at “The Lingholn Kitchen & Walled Garden”. You need to walk a slope for 5 minutes or so from the car park.

My husband had French Toast and I had BLT. The French Toast was tasty but the toasts were very thick and there was a lot of jam and peanut butter, it was quite heavy – even my husband couldn’t finish it. My BLT was very good. The bun was fresh and had the right texture, the filling was all fresh and the seasoning was good with the garlic flavoured mayonnaise. The salad wasn’t as fresh as I would have liked but the dressing was tasty, so I was happy. You would think that something so simple is available anywhere but they are not here. I would love it if something simple but good quality like this is available all over the UK.

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