Holiday Day 5 / Driving to Edinburgh & Lunch At “The Best Cafe In The World”


We drove from Winderemere to Edinburgh in Scotland, unfortunately, in the rain. The scenery was lovely but I didn’t take many photos because I knew photos taken in rain from inside a driving car will not look like much.

途中でランチ休憩をしましたが、「世界一素晴らしいカフェ」という書き込みがあったLockerbieというところにあるCafe 91というカフェに行きました。カフェというよりも食堂に近い雰囲気でした。

We had a short break for lunch on our way at “Cafe 91” in Lockerbie. When my husband searched online for suitable places to stop, this one had a review that said it was “the best cafe in the world”. It was more like a canteen than a cafe to me.


I had a sausage sandwich and my husband had a Ham & Cheese Toastie.


I think “The best cafe in the world” is a bit OTT, but it was better than it looked.


We left the hotel in Windermere at 10:30am and arrived in the apartment in Edinburgh around 3:00pm with a short break at lunch time. By the time we finished unpacking, it had stopped raining and a little sun was trying to come out.

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