Holiday Day 5 / Edinburgh Day 1 (Thai Dinner)



I’d forgotten to blog the dinner on the day we arrived in Edinburgh!

There is a Thai restaurant very near the apartment. The reviews online weren’t very good (there were some good ones but more bad ones) but we decided to try it because we just couldn’t be bothered to find another suitable restaurant and get there; it was easy on a long day.


Their menu was quite small, there were only 2 salads (Thai Beef Salad and Papaya Salad) so we didn’t order any salad this time, which is quite unusual for us. We had Chicken Satay, Stir-fried beef with basil, Chicken Green Curry, Tom Yam Vegetable Soup and Banana Fritter for dessert. We do tend to order Banana Fritter for dessert in Thai restaurants because we don’t often find anything else we want.


Chicken Satay was good. The beef in Stir-fried Beef with Basil tasted strange, like I remember it tasting in Hong Kong in cheap restaurants (I heard they were using buffalo rather than usual cows but I don’t know if it’s true. Of course I don’t think the beef here was buffalo), some particular gamey taste and I just could not eat it. My husband didn’t mind it, though. I did have the vegetables and they tasted fine. Chicken Green Curry was extremely salty and spicy and I don’t think they fried the curry paste very much, it had that sort of taste, so again I wasn’t able to eat it. My husband said he liked it, he has a tolerance to about 3 times of salt level of mine. The soup didn’t taste great to me, either, although my husband liked it. So, I had chicken satay, a little of the soup and banana fritter.

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