Holiday Day 7 / Edinburgh Day 3 (Dinner At Japanese Restaurant)


We tried a Japanese restaurant for tonight’s dinner and chose “Harajuku Kitchen” after reading the reviews online.


We ordered Edamame with chilli and salt (not much chilli pepper but it was just as you expect), Pork Gyoza (not much or no vegetables at all but tasted OK), Nasu Agedashi With Sesame Miso (the sauce was much too sweet), Sticky Chicken Kara Age (nice and tender chicken but the sauce was very salty), Tonkatsu (nicely cooked except that the outside was crunchy rather than just crispy and the sauce was very very sweet).


I felt that the dishes were a little different from what you would expect in Japan but not bad at all. The only thing that bothered me a lot was the way they served the rice – why they would serve it like that, I don’t know. We never use a mould to put rice in a rice bowl. (I forgot to take a photo of the Tonkatsu.)


For dessert we shared Coconut Mochi Ice Cream and Dorayaki with Macha filling.


While we were there, we saw the chef come out to say hi to one of the tables and he was Japanese.


So, the food listed above, with 2 bowls of rice, and 3 small bottles of beer – the bill was 78 pounds including the service charge.

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