Holiday Day 9 / Edinburgh Day 5 (Lunch At Dishoom Again)


We went to “Dishoom” for lunch today, this is our 2nd time on this trip in Edinburgh but the good thing is there are many things that I can enjoy in this restaurant. We had such a bad lunch yesterday, we wanted to be safe and we really like “Dishoom”.


It’s about 10 minutes’ walk from our apartment to the restaurant and we walked through a park, where flowers were beautiful. I love May and June in England (and Scotland so far) because the flowers are blooming and the weather, I think, is in general relatively good. It was nice and sunny this morning again, but did get quite cloudy in the afternoon. The temperature went up to 18C so warm for Scotland but it was very windy so you need a jacket or a light coat.

ということで、先日ちょっともの足らなかったサモサを2皿(ここのサモサはすごく小さい)と、先日食べてとっても好みだった、「チリとブロッコリーのサラダ」、そしてインドの通りで作っているところを見た思い出がある「Vada Pau」というインドのストリートフードで、インド風コロッケのサンドイッチのようなもの。他にいつもはインド料理レストランでは必ずカレーをオーダーしますが、カレーをオーダーするとご飯もナンなどのパンも欲しくなり食べきれないので、チキンのビリヤニにしてみました。ビリヤニは炊き込みご飯のように見えますがとても手間がかかる品で、家で作るのは大変。そして、デザートは先日も食べた、チョコレートケーキとチリのアイスクリーム。

So we ordered 2 plates of samosas because we realised they were very small when we had lunch the other day. We also had Chilli and Broccoli Salad again because we really loved it. This time we tried “Vada Pau”, which is like an Indian style croquette in a bun, I saw people making them in India when we were there (although they didn’t look quite like this). We normally order curry in an Indian restaurant but we decided to have Biriyani instead because we want to have rice and naan (or some other bread) with curry, which is very filling. Biriyani, I know, is very time-consuming to cook so we don’t cook it at home, so it’s good to have in a restaurant. We also had Chocolate Pudding with Chilli Ice Cream for dessert.


We enjoyed everything very much!

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