Holiday 10 / Inverness Day 1 (The Lodge)


Here are the photos of the lodge we are renting for a week from today. I am so relieved and happy that it is just the same as the photos on their website. (To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the apartment in Edinburgh although I am glad that we rented an apartment rather than staying in a hotel. The photos don’t really show it but the paint and wallpaper in the rooms were looking old, and the bath towels were cheap and old. I expected it to be better for the rental fee.)


This place is so spacious, there are 3 bedrooms, all with ensuite. It’s too large for 2 of us so we would have liked to share it with our friends or families but it’s so far from England that we couldn’t find anyone who could come.


The lounge.


From the 1st floor.


The dining area.


The kitchen.


As I’ve written above, there are 3 bedrooms, all ensuite. Bedrooms are all about the same size but this one had the largest bathroom so we are going to use this as our bedroom.


I didn’t take photos of the other 2 bathrooms but they are a bit smaller than the above.


The patio. There is a river, the River Ness, very near the lodge.


On the 1st floor they have sofas, chairs, and a TV etc for lounging.


The back garden looks very well tended and beautiful, the rhodrendrons are looking lovely.

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