Holiday Day 10 / Lunch With Old Friends


On the way from Edinburgh to Inverness, we stopped near Perth to have lunch with our old friends.


The husband was my husband’s colleague when we lived in Japan. As there weren’t many ‘foreigners’ in his company in Japan those days, the wives would get together for lunch often and we used to invite each other to home for dinner as well. They left Japan and went back to the UK before we left Japan, but they visited us in Hong Kong quite soon after we moved there, so I think it must be 23 or 24 years since we met last. However, at the moment we met today, it felt as if the time went back to when we used to get together.


The husband left the company that he and my husband worked at, probably more than 20 years ago, and in those days we didn’t have emails or facebooks so we hadn’t kept contact with each other for a long time, but it was wonderful to be able to get together today.


They have 4 sons so they told us how each of them are doing and about the house they moved to recently to downsize as their youngest son has now left home, and we told them about our move to England, and the time flew.


We were going to stay just for an hour because we still had to drive 2 and a half hours to the lodge near Inverness but the time went so fast so we over-stayed.


Now that we are living in the same country, I hope we can get together now and again.


The lunch itself was just sandwiches in a very casual cafe.

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