Holiday Day 11 / Inverness Day 2 (Poor Fawn)


It’s Sunday today and my husband wanted to have a rest from driving, so we just went to Inverness (15 minutes by car) to have a light lunch, did a little shopping, came back and are spending the rest of the day relaxing at the lodge.


When we went out and were driving up the narrow path that takes us from the area where a few lodges are to the main road, we saw a fawn, which started to go from right to left as soon as it saw us. On the right side is a steep hill with lots of trees and plants and on the left is a fence with barbed wire.


The fawn wanted to get away from us but didn’t know where to go. We didn’t want it to hurt itself by panicking more so we stopped the car and waited for a while but it kept doing the same thing rather than going forward on the path. As we couldn’t sit there forever, we started to move very very slowly, then it went right and left for a few more minutes then eventually went through the fence! The poor thing must have got hurt by the barbed wire. When it was walking on the road it looked like it was limping a bit as if it had a leg that was hurting,


Yesterday, the weather wasn’t great, it was mostly cloudy with some intervals of sun and rained a little occasionally, and it’s similar today. Looking at the forecast, we’ll be having similar weather in the next few days, not great. Still, it’s not so bad as long as it doesn’t rain heavily.

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