Holiday Day 12 / Inverness Day 3 (Cafe Lunch & Whisky Trail)



「Square Roots」というカフェ.

Reidhaven Square
56 Mid Street

When we left home it was just cloudy but it soon started raining soon and stayed that way for most of the day. We drove where the scenery was lovely but the photos don’t show how lovely it was because of the rain.

Today’s day trip was to visit some Scotch Malt Whisky Distilleries because my husband loves Scotch Malt Whisky. He wanted to get the sort of whisky that you cannot get easily in shops or online. The distilleries that he picked were about an hour and a half away from the lodge and he found a good looking cafe near there for lunch, called Square Roots; it was a nice little cafe.

夫は Trainwreck Sandwich というサンドイッチ、美味しかったそうです。

My husband had their “Trainwreck Sandwich”, which he said was delicious – one of the best sandwiches he’s had.


I had the Crispy Chicken Burger. I seem to be having burgers often for lunch, it’s because I find the bread for usual sandwiches often not very nice. This would have been nicer if the bun was warmed up but it was quite cold. Still, all the ingredients were fresh.

Distillery visitor centres:


We were saying how we hadn’t seen any Angus cows so far in Scotland but we saw them at the last Distillery we visited. The rain made their hair wet and flat but usually their faces are covered with fluffy hair.


Here are the 3 bottles of whisky my husband bought today, I’m sure he’ll enjoy having them little by little.

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