Holiday Day 16 / Inverness Day 7 (Dog Falls Trail)

ランチの後は、車で1時間弱くらい走ったところにある「Dog Falls Trail」というトレイルを歩きに行きました。一応山道を登ったり降りたりするのですがトレイルとして石の階段をつけたりして歩きやすくなっていましたし、往復40分程度と短時間なので大変ではなかったです。

After lunch, we drove a little less than an hour to the car park for “Dog Falls Trail”. Although the trail is across some quite steep mountain slopes, it was made easy for people to walk with stones etc to make some steps here and there and it was only about 40 minutes to get to the falls then get back, it was quite an easy walk.


After we got back from our drive yesterday, it rained quite a few times and also it rained very heavily many times during the night, so heavy that it reminded us of Singapore. When we left for lunch today it was raining a little and we could always see some large grey clouds somewhere in the sky, but it didn’t rain for our trip to the falls after lunch, it was actually quite sunny most of the time.


Today is the last day we spend in this lodge we rented near Inverness. The check-out time tomorrow is 10:00, which seems quite early, so I’ve already packed most of the stuff.


We have been very happy with this lodge, it’s been very comfortable and I’d love to come and rent it again. The problem is that it is very far to come from home. Also, the weather hasn’t been great. I think we were relatively lucky with it but it does tend to rain a lot in Scotland, specially in the north. It wasn’t as cold as we had been expecting but I think June and July are a better bet for better weather. The weather around here is very changeable, it would rain, stop, get sunny, rain again, etc, so you need a water-proof jacket or coat with a hood.

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