Sandwiches At La Patisserie

フランスパンのストックがなくなってしまったので、時々行っている Shoreham にある La Patisserie まで行ってきました。片道30分かかるので度々行くことは難しいのですが、他に美味しいフランスパンが買えるところが近くに見つかっていないので時々足を伸ばしています。

We ran out of French Bread stock so we went to La Patisserie in Shoreham.  It takes us about 30 minutes by car so we don’t go there often but we haven’t found any other place where we can get good French bread so we go there now and again, buy some French bread and freeze it.


As we were there we had lunch there, too.  Just sandwiches.  The tables and the high table was fully occupied (there aren’t many places) so we sat at an outdoor table.  It was strange weather today, one minute it’s bright and sunny and the next minute the heavens open, it repeated it many times all day.  Fortunately, it was sunny when we got there.


I forgot to take photos before we started eating them but my husband had prawn cocktail sandwich and I had coronation chicken.


I see coronation chicken at other times as well but I feel we see them more often this year because of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and I’ve had it quite a few times in the last few months on different occasions but I never thought it was particularly tasty.  This one was.  The chicken wasn’t tough and dry (like they often are), it was seasoned just nicely, it wasn’t powdery from curry powder, it was slightly sweet and really tasty.  I’ve had their sandwiches a few times and they have all been very tasty, even though they are very simple.


The owners are French, their bread (not just french bread but others) is good and their cakes are delicious.


La Patisserie
4-6 East Street
Shoreham-by-Sea BN43 5ZE



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