Front Garden (Renovation) & Ants


Here is our front garden with the new plants.  They are all very small plants and as they’ve just been planted they look a bit tired.



The right side of the front door (looking at the door).



The left side.


In front of the back door.



クレマチスは、Alpine Blue Dancer というベル型の小さなタイプ。

Clematis – Alpine Blue Dancer.


サルビア Nemerosa Sensation Deep Rose。

Salvia, Nemerosa Sensation Deep Rose.



正面玄関の右と左に植えた薔薇は、デイビッド・オースティンの James Galway 。良い香りがして、花付きが良いそうです。

One plant of rose on either side of the front door – “James Galway” from David Austin.  They have strong fragrance and flower a lot.


Cat mint (Nepeta).



We have 2 each of 6 different kinds of Dahlia.  They are still very small.  There are also some Delphiniums.



Incidentally, the ants I wrote about thankfully disappeared during the night, so the thing we bought in a supermarket must have worked quickly.  I was so relieved!  I was so stressed yesterday.  We had an ant problem in Singapore, it’s very common there, and we could never completely got rid of them.  They disappeared for a while but then came back over and over but at least we got rid of them before we had an army of them.  I hope it wouldn’t happen again here, the situation is a bit different here so I don’t think it’ll happen again unless we dig the ground again.  My husband ordered 2 kinds of the things to get rid of them on Amazon, which arrived today, so we are prepared for the next time anyway!  They spooked me out so much that we couldn’t wait for the delivery and went to buy some in a supermarket.  I am glad it was very effective.



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