Lunch At Cowdray

今日はペットワースのお肉屋さんに行ったので、Cowdray Farmhouse のカフェでランチをしました。今日は、2人とも、バーガーにトライ。う〜ん、バーガーもパンもパサパサで残念でした。チップスは割と美味しかったのですが、多過ぎますよね〜、こんなに食べられる人、いないと思います。わたしは3切れくらい食べたかな。

We needed to go to the butcher in Petworth, so we had lunch at Cowdray Farmhouse’s cafe.  We both tried their Burger but sadly both the burger and the bun were very dry, and it was hard to swallow.  Chips were good but can anyone eat all these?  Too many chips, I left most of them having had only 3 pieces or so.


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