French Patisserie Lesson

昨日は、ズームによる今月のフランス菓子教室(Ecole de Patisserie Chez Haru)のレッスンでした。今日教えていただいたのは、

  • Clafoutis aux cerises (チェリーのクラフティー)
  • Verrines cheesecake aux myrtilles(グラス入りブルーベリーのチーズケーキ)

I took a French Baking Class of  Ecole de Patisserie Chez Haru yesterday.  We made 2 items.

  • Clafoutis aux cerises
  • Verrines cheesecake aux myrtilles



The teacher made this month’s lesson nice and short and the recipes didn’t use the oven for very long because it’s very hot in many places.  It was really much easier to prepare and also to bake on the day, probably about a half as much work as usual.


Sadly, I didn’t have enough time to take photos of what I made nicely this time.  This is the Clafoutis aux cerises.  Clafoutis is usually baked in a baking dish and eaten directly from the baking dish or by scooping it out onto a serving plate, but the teacher wanted it to be more like a cake by taking it out of the tin and also wanted to give it some crunchy texture so added crumble on top.



We had it with our friends today, I warmed it up and served with pistachio ice cream.  It was yummy.



This is the blueberry cheese cake in a glass – my husband had one yesterday.  We gave 2 to our friends to take home with them as they were too full to have it today.  There is one more left in the fridge, which I’m sure my husband will have very happily tomorrow.  (Sadly I don’t like cream cheese or yoghurt.)




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