Cheat Dinner (M&S Beef Pie)

M&S の指定されているものの中からメイン、サイド、デザート(それぞれ2人分ずつ)1品ずつ選んで3品で12ポンド(2000円くらい)という温めるだけの食事セットをオンラインスーパーでオーダーしたものが昨日届いていたので、今日の夕食にいただきました。3週間ほど前に同じセットでいただいた「Chicken Forrestier」が美味しかったのでまたオーダーしようとしたのですが、オンラインでは品切れということでオーダーできず、ビーフパイをオーダーしました。

We had Ready Made Dishes from Marks & Spencers for dinner again today.  One main, one side dish, and one dessert from the list of items they specify are £12.  A few weeks ago, we had “Chicken Forrestier” and liked it very much so we were going to order the same items but the chicken dish was out of stock (it’s out of stock every time I check), so we ended up ordering their Beef Pie.


As the side dish we ordered Mashed Potatoes, which we ordered last time as well.  The beef pie doesn’t have any vegetables in it and we wanted some on the side so we just cooked carrots and broccoli from the fridge.


My husband thought the pie was a bit small but it’s actually not, it is very filling with lots of beef inside the pie.  I guess I had about 1/3 and my husband had the rest.  We thought it was better than many you get in pubs.  However, for me, it is very rich and very filling with a lot of beef as well as the pastry, so I really needed plain vegetables.  Pie was nice and crispy, too.  I must say I still prefer Chicken Forrestier, though.








We left quite a lot of mashed potato and could not have the dessert that came in the set as we were both so full.

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