Pasta With Spicy Cream Sauce


I took the cooking lesson that my friend runs on zoom, the timing is not good for me to actually watch live but I can get the recorded version.  This month, one of the things she taught was “Pasta With Shrimp And Spiced Cream Sauce”, which we tried for dinner today, substituting shrimps with mushrooms (I cut them in chunks so there was a good texture) and adding onion.  The recipe says I can use any herb I like so we used parsley and basil.  I can imagine the sauce going well with prawns or shrimps but it was very good with mushrooms, too.  I could probably add pancetta, too.  For the Pasta we used Tagliatelle.  The Curry flavour gets your appetite going, specially in warm weather.  I think it would go well with chicken as well, so I would like to use the sauce with mushroom slices over cooked chicken.






We finally had one of the chocolate puddings we bought at Marks & Spencers as a set.  We shared one but even a half is very rich, I couldn’t have eaten it without ice cream.





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