Hiyashi Chuka (Ramen Salad)


It’s a beautiful day again, quite hot.  Well, it’s only 24C so not that hot and is quite comfortable inside the house with the doors open or in the shade outside, but if you stand under the sun it feels like it burns your skin in a few seconds.  Whenever I can I use a parasol when I go out in such weather so it’s still comfortable but I don’t see anyone else use a parasol here.  Many people have been complaining how hot it is and I always wonder why they don’t use parasols.  They make such a big difference.   When it goes above 30C it is hot even with a parasol because the air is just too hot but up to around 27C, 28C, with this low humidity, a parasol makes it comfortable enough.


We had Hiyashi Chuka (Ramen Salad) for lunch today.  I’d ordered some English ham, which is unusual for us as we tend to have just Parma Ham rather than roast ham) we had the full “traditional” topping, which is ham, thin omlette, tomato & cucumber, plus some lettuce.  It’s quite a lot of chopping to do for  a very simple lunch and quite a lot of washing up afterwards but I do prefer this to usual hot ramen when the weather is warm.  I also feel better because you eat a lot of salad with it as well as egg (protein) and it’s more satisfying as a meal to me.  Today, I asked my husband which he would like for lunch, hot or cold, and he said we should have cold.


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