Penne al’Arrabiata


There was quite a big fire in a field near our village, quite close to us early this evening and we could smell it quite strongly in the living room because we had the doors opened until we noticed the smell and closed them.  My husband tells me that 5 fire engines came.  We’ve had very little rain this summer and it’s been quite dry so such a fire seems to occur here and there.


The plants in our gardens are relatively newly planted and need watering often but even when they are more settled plants they all need to be watered occasionally in this weather, but I hear some counties have a hosepipe & sprinkler ban.  At the moment no ban has been introduced in our area but I suppose if we don’t get good rain sometime soon they may introduce the ban for us, too.


Last night, I couldn’t think of a dinner for today and said to my husband, “What shall we have for dinner tomorrow?”  He said, “Shall we go to a pub?”, so I didn’t plan anything, but it seems like he was joking because I have been trying to put him off from going to pubs to eat.  Although I quite like pubs, so many of them seem to serve such bad food.  I have had some good meals in pubs, but not around this area.  We felt too lazy to cook something but also too lazy to go out, so in the end we decided to cook something very simple and easy – Penne al’Arrabiata.


Although I love cooked garlic, I’m not keen on raw garlic unless it’s just a tiny bit.  I do love pasta sauce with a strong garlicky flavour (but cooked flavour) so what I tend to do is to cook garlic slices in olive oil first until they are nice and brown, take them out and add them back when the sauce is done.  This way I can taste garlic but it’s not raw.  Today we used 1 small spicy chilli, half an onion, left-over tin tomato (about a half a tin) and some mini tomatoes and basil, small amount of sugar, salt & pepper and a good amount of good olive oil.  It wasn’t as spicy as I expected, I could have added one more chilli but it was still very tasty.  I just love simple pasta.



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