House Salad


It has finally started to cool down and the highest temperature was 24C today.  It’s a bit humid so not such lovely weather but not so bad at 24C.  I hadn’t done weeding for quite a few days so I did a bit today but got very hot and sweaty quite quickly.  According to the weather forecast, it doesn’t look like we will have dry and sunny days in the next one week or so but the temperature will still be between 19C and 23C, which is quite summery for England.  I think it’s usually more autumnal by now but we seem to be having a long summer this year, although I thought the clouds today looked more autumnal.  Anyway, we are all looking forward to getting proper rain.


I feel we’ve been eating too much meat recently, so made a salad, which included boiled eggs and boiled potatoes to make it filling, for supper today.  I did add some salami but it’s mostly vegetables and eggs.  I used to make this kind of a salad quite often but I seem to have forgotten it, I think it’s because it’s usually quite cold here.  You don’t crave for salads when it’s cold, so we should have it more before the summer ends.


In the salad I put boiled potatoes, boiled eggs, salami, yellow pepper, carrot, cucumber, tomato, sweet corn, lettuce, and rocket.





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