Pork Belly Paupiette


One of the dishes I learned at a Zoom cooking class I took a couple of weeks ago was “Paupiette of thinly sliced pork belly with  mushrooms”.  Sadly, it’s not easy to get any thinly sliced meat in England, specially around here, so I was thinking of making it using pork fillet or chicken breast but I knew neither of them work as well. I did manage to find thinly sliced pork belly (meant for use in Shabu Shabu) at one of the websites I use for buying Japanese groceries, they don’t often have meat but they did when I looked so I ordered 2 packs.  I don’t really like buying frozen meat but there isn’t any choice really.  The original idea that the dish is based on uses veal so I could have used veal but the butcher we go to doesn’t have it and I think veal isn’t very popular here because many people feel it’s cruel to eat them.  I personally think this dish worked much better with pork belly than veal anyway.


A mixture of Parsley and Parmesan cheese is the filling and the sauce is tomato sauce with red pepper.  It’s served with various oriental mushrooms but they aren’t easy to fined here either so we just used ordinary button mushrooms cut intro large chunks.  I thought that wouldn’t be enough vegetables so also sauteed some courgette.  In the class you have a starter, a pasta then this as the main but we had only this dish so I wanted to make sure we have enough vegetables although I feel having a lot of vegetables makes the dish look “homey” rather than sophisticated.


The pork belly was sliced for shabu shabu so was thinner than the recipe calls for so I did layer them quite a lot and they were all messed up in the package so it took quite a while to line them up nicely for me to be able to roll the whole thing neatly, but it came out very nice, very soft, tender and delicious.


Although I served all the sauce on the plates, we left quit a lot of it so we’ll be using it some time later as a pasta sauce.





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