Designing a cut flower patch – garden lecture (West Dean College)

今日は夫と二人で West Dean College で行われている単発のクラス、「Designing a cut flower patch(切花用の花を育てる場所のデザインの仕方)」というガーデニングの講義を受けてきました。時々、このカレッジに併設されているガーデンズには足を向けていますが、カレッジでのコースに参加したのは初めてです。ここではたくさんのアート系やガーデニング系の講義やワークショップなどが行われていて何度か参加できるものがあるか見ていますが、なかなか行ってみようと思うものはなく、今回が初めての参加です。ランチ(カレッジの食堂)を1時間ほど挟んで、朝10時から午後3時までの講義でした。

My husband and I went to take a lecture at West Dean College today – Designing a cut flower patch.  We’ve been to their gardens quite a few times but haven’t taken a lecture or workshop at the college, where there are a lot of short courses (mostly arts and gardening) are held.  I have looked at their short courses many times but I hadn’t found any that I felt like taking, so this was the first time for us to be there.  The lecture was from 10:00 until 15:00 with a lunch break (lunch was served at the college’s restaurant.)

講義をしてくださった方は Georgie Newberyとおっしゃる方で切花用のお花を栽培、販売されていて、本も出版されていますしワークショップ(オンラインもあり)なども行われておられ、YouTubeでたくさん動画もあげておられ、ガーデニングの世界では良く知られている方だと思います。

The lecturer was Georgie Newbery, who grows and sells cut flowers, has some books published, and holds workshops (some online). She has quite a lot of videos on Youtube and I think she is quite well-known in the gardening field.




最後に花束の作り方のデモもありました。お花はGeorgie Newberyさんのファームで咲いていたお花。

She also demonstrated how to make a bouquet using the flowers she brought from her cut flower farm.




We booked the lecture thinking it was about designing and other tips of cut flower patch for a home garden on a small scale, but it was more for larger scale gardens/farms so perhaps the majority of the talk wasn’t very relevant to us.  However, her talk was very interesting, she is very fun to listen to and we did get some knowledge that can be useful for our garden.


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