Minestrone Soup & Tomato Bruschetta

今日、West Dean College にいたときは暑いくらいの良いお天気でしたが(25度まで上がっていました)、夕方に丁度わたしが草取りを始めた頃に雨が降り始めました。明日、明後日はお天気が良くないようですが木曜日から良くなる見たいです。それと同時にやはり気温が下がり始めて金曜日からは最低気温は10度以下、そろそろ本格的な秋になりそうです。

It was beautiful weather when we were at West Dean College, it was actually quite hot when we walked back to the classroom from lunch, but it rained in the evening just when I started weeding.  It looks like it’ll rain tomorrow and the day after, but will start getting better on Thursday.  Like I expected, the temperature is expected to drop below 10C soon, it’ll be properly autumn before long.


Today’s evening meal was Minestrone Soup that we froze a few days ago and Bruschetta with tomatoes.  They are both things that regularly appear our table, nothing special but always delicious.







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