Delayed Birthday Trip (The Cotswolds) 3rd Day / Bourton-on-the-Water

コッツウォルズに到着した翌日はガーデニングコースの講義でしたが、その翌日は一日予定はなかったので紅葉を見に出かけましたが、途中、Bourton-on-the-Water に寄りました。コッツウォルズは大好きなところなのでロンドンからも比較的近くて行きやすいこともあって結婚した頃から何度も訪れていて、中で Bourton-on-the-Water は素敵なところなのでコッツウォルズに行くと大抵寄っています。クリスマスの時に川の中に大きなクリスマスツリーが設置されていたのが印象的で、今でもしているのだろうかと気になっていて、今年こそはクリスマスツリーが飾られている時期に行ってみようねと言っているところです。

On the day after we arrived in the Cotswolds, we took the gardening course all day, then on the following day we didn’t have anything on so we went to see autumn leaves in an arboretum, but we also stopped at Bourton-on-the-Water on our way.  We love the Cotswolds and it’s quite easy to get there from London so we’d been there many times.  Bourton-on-the-Water is specially beautiful so we usually visit there when we are in the area.  We remember seeing a huge Christmas tree decorated with lights that had been set up in the river when we were there all those years ago and we’ve often wondered if they still do that.  We were saying we should go and see around Christmas time this year.



As it’s a very popular place, it does get very busy with tourists in summer but I love the Cotswolds in winter with fewer people.  It’s not a tourist season now but it was still relatively busy, but not too much.














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