The clock went back at 2:00am this morning.  It feels like we gained an hour but in reality the daytime has gone shorter.  The sunset time was getting very early anyway, so  this one hour makes a big difference and the sunset time today is 4:40pm.  As the weather tends to be bad in winter here, it starts getting dark around 3:00pm.  Both my husband and myself love being at home so comparing to those who love going out we cope with winter much better, but I do wish it didn’t get dark quite so early.



Today’s dinner was Bibimbap, I wrote a rough recipe last time when we cooked it.  We enjoyed it but there was no burned rice this time either, I’m too worried about burning it too much when heating it in the pans and turn the heat down too early.






Where the flu jab went in, it’s still red and swollen, but no pain if I don’t touch it.

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