Beef Stroganoff (& Celebrity Master Chef)


So far, no side effects from the Covid jab other than achey arm – I’m very lucky!


It was rainy and dark all day today and it looks like the next few days will be similar until Wednesday, when it is supposed to get better.  It has gone quite a bit colder so we did put the central heating on yesterday.  My craft room is quite warm with underfloor heating but whenever I go to the bathroom or to the kitchen to get water etc it started to feel cold, also it’s cold for my husband to have breakfast in the kitchen so we needed the central heating on.  I think we put it on in early October last year so about a month late this year as it was quite warm this October.


It’s pitch dark by 5:00pm now so it feels very wintery.


Today’s dinner was Beef Stroganoff – although we used cream rather than sour cream as cream is all we had.  When we cooked Hayashi Rice (from the recipe from a cooking class), we froze a half, as it’s similar to beef stroganoff we used it today and just added cream.  It was very tasty.





ところで、話はガラッと変わりますが、今日、Celebrity Master Chef というお料理のコンテスト番組を見ていたら、お好み焼きが出てきたのですが、いや、はや、悲しくなるほどお好み焼きではなかったです。まず、発音が、オコノマイヤキ(笑)。日本人も海外からの言葉を正確に発音するわけではないので多少の違いは目を瞑りますが、オコノマイヤキはないですよね。そして、中身にポテトを入れていました、どういうこと??ソースはお好み焼きソースやとんかつソースが手に入らないので仕方ないとは思いますが、お醤油だとか米酢だとかで作ってましたし、上には鰹節の他に山のように紅生姜をのっけて、小さく切った海苔(青のりではない)をのせていました。あれじゃあ、紅生姜の味が強過ぎてしょっぱいはず。あんなにメジャーな番組で取り扱うのですから、誰か近くの日本人に聞いてから扱って欲しいものです。

By the way, totally off topic, but we watched one of the episodes of Celebrity Master Chef this evening where they were making Okonomiyaki, but it was so so different from the real thing, it made me feel quite upset.  First of all, they were pronouncing it as “okono-my-yaki”.  I know we Japanese don’t always pronounce foreign words so I wouldn’t complain if it sounded similar but okkono-my-yaki sound totally different from okono-mi- yaki.  Also, they added a lot of grated potatoes!!!  What??  We never ever use potatoes in okonomiyaki!  OMG.  I know it’s not easy to get the right sauce so I understand why they had to make something similar with what is available but the ingredients for the sauce was very weird, too.  Then they put lots and lots of pickled ginger and some nori (seaweed) cut up as well as Katsuobushi (flaky dried fish).  If you use so much pickled ginger all you can taste is pickled ginger, which has quite strong taste.  We never use nori, either.  It is quite a well-known and popular TV programme, so they should research more in advance, there must be some Japanese people around the staff of the programme, they should have asked someone!


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