Lunch & Catch Up With Friends At Stansted Park

今日は久しぶりにお目にかかるお友達ご夫婦とキャチアップのランチをご一緒しました。場所は、我が家から車で30分程度のところにある「Stansted Park」というところで、マナーハウスやお庭もありますが、ファームショップやティールームやガーデンセンターもあるところで、そこのティールームで待ち合わせ。お友達のご提案でランチの後でマナーハウスがある広いお庭を歩く予定で選んだのですが、残念ながら今日はお天気が悪く、ランチだけをご一緒しました。

We had lunch with our friends that we hadn’t seen for a couple of months to catch up with each other at “Stansted Park“, which is about 30 minutes by car from us.  In the grounds, as well as the manor house and the gardens, there is a farm shop, a tea room and garden centre, and the Pavilion Tea Room where we had lunch.   We went there because our friends suggested to have a walk in the grounds after lunch but the weather was so bad that we only had the lunch.


So, the weather has been very wet, one minute the sun would come out and the next minute heavy rain comes, it kept repeating that all day.  While we were having lunch the heavens opened, which reminded us of Singapore, then when we went out after lunch the sun was shining – but it started to rain again while we were looking in the farm shop and garden centre.  You can get drenched if you go out when it’s sunny if you stay more than 10 minutes!  So we gave up the idea of walking in the grounds.





I had Panini with Halloumi cheese & roasted vegetables.  I think it’s good for this sort of place in England.


Orange & Polenta Cake for a dessert.



We chatted about trips we have both taken and parted saying it’ll probably in the next year when we get together next.  Most people are so busy, we start saying “See you next year!” around this time of year.





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