Chicken In Cream


Today’s dinner was Chicken Thighs in Cream.  I saw a Japanese lady (who lives in England) cooking this on YouTube.  You brown both sides of chicken thighs, salt & pepper them, add a lot of roughly chopped garlic, pour double cream (up to nearly cover the chicken), then cook in the oven at 190C for 40 minutes or so.  I added chopped shallots, sliced mushrooms & mustard, some white wine and also used half double cream and half single cream because I thought using just double cream would make it too heavy for me.  Even so, it came out very very rich, too rich for me.  My husband liked it but he did say it was very rich.  I guess younger people wouldn’t mind it but for people our age, it would have been better to mix with milk or/and soup stock to make it lighter.  I also found it a bit too “chickeny”.  Chicken breasts don’t seem to be very strongly chickeny but thighs often are, they seem to loose some of “chickeny-ness” when cooked in tomato sauce but seem to get quite strong when cooked in cream.






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