Five Guys (Burger)

Five Guys というバーガーのチェーン店のバーガーが美味しいと聞いたので、今日のランチに行ってみました。いわゆる美味しいジューシーなバーガーではなくて、ファーストフード系です。夫が好きだったので日本や香港ではマックにも行っていたのですが、シンガポールに引っ越して以来行かなくなり、旅行先で他にチョイスがない時にたまに行く程度なので、マックを食べたのはこの14、5年に2、3回だと思います。特にバーガーが食べたいというわけではなくて、田舎に住んでいると行くところがなくて美味しいカフェやレストランもほとんどないので、魔が刺したという感じ?(笑)

I’d heard that the burger chain, “Five Guys” are specially good and found out that we do have one in Chichester so we tried it today for lunch.  We used to go to McDonalds now and again when we lived in Japan and Hong Kong but stopped having it when we moved to Singapore.  We have probably only had it 2 or 3 times in the 15 years or so since we left Hong Kong.  So, it’s not as if we love these fast food burgers, but there just aren’t many restaurants or cafes around here, and I get bored with those we have.

検索してみたらチチェスターにあったのですが、街中から少し外れた車でなくては行けないようなところに映画館とボーリング場の他に色々なファーストフード店が固まってありました。Five Guys は目立ってすぐに見つかりましたが、ドアの前で既に後悔(苦笑)。というのも、大声で騒ぐ大勢の子供達の声が中から聞こえてきたのでした。週末に行ったのが間違いでしたが、子供を大勢連れて行きやすいタイプの場所なので仕方のないところではあります。が、うるさすぎた(涙)。

The Five Guys place in Chichester isn’t actually in town, it was more on the edge of town where there is a cinema, bowling alley and quite a few other fast food shops.  Five Guys was very easy to find and we walked to the building, but we almost turned around at the door because we heard many small children screaming from inside.  We should not have gone there on a Saturday, should we?  It is a sort of place people find it comfortable to let their children scream so we shouldn’t complain, but it was really noisy.


Now, we should have done some research on their burgers!  You need to ask separately for toppings, choosing from  about15 different items, as the beef burger has nothing other than beef patties in a bun, so we should have really asked for all the toppings or most of them anyway, that seems to be the thing here.  We didn’t know so both of us asked just a few toppings, which were not enough to make the burgers interesting.  I’ve heard that their beef patties are juicy but I would not say they were, they were just well-done thin burgers, I guess more real beef like than Mac, though.  Also fried potatoes tasted of real potatoes rather than frozen deconstructed ones although they were not very crispy.  After coming home, I looked at their website and found there are a lot of items other than just usual beef burgers, so maybe we’ll go back one day – and buy take out rather than eating in.


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