Picky Foods


It was a very wet and windy miserable day today.  Not the sort of weather that makes you want to go out.  Fortunately, we had no reason that we had to go out so just spent the day in our warm comfortable home.


In Japan, people would be preparing for the New Year, having put away all the Christmas decorations, but here Christmas decorations are left until around 6th January at most places.  Unlike Japan, where Christmas is more of a commercial event, it is quite different here.  I’m sure those western (or any other Christian) people who spend their first Christmas in Japan would be quite shocked to see that most of the Christmas decorations are taken down on the 25th or 26th December and New Year decorations appear almost at the same time.  We would be shocked if we were to see Japanese New Year decorations taken down on the 1st or 2nd of January.


Also, New Year Eve and New Year are very low key here in England.  I guess many people (specially young people) gather with their friends and have parties but I have a feeling that most older people would spend the time quietly after the excitement of Christmas.  I also hear many people disliking New Year’s Eve, I don’t think people feel excited for the new year very much here (and in general I would say Japanese do because we feel a whole new year is starting, although I suppose it depends on how old you are.)  The weather around this time of year is just miserable and dark, days are so short and Christmas is gone and people seem to find it quite depressing.  There isn’t anything to eat that specially celebrates the new year either – unlike in Japan – just left-over turkey turned into sandwiches, pies & curries.

ホテルでクリスマスディナーはいただきましたが、家でも「我が家のクリスマスディナー」を明日いただく予定なので、今日は軽い夕食にしました。マークス&スペンサーズのフィンガーフード的なものを買っておいたのでオーブンで温めて、チーズやハム、サラミなどを少しずつ。オーブンで温めたのは、野菜春巻き、ンドゥヤとモッツァレラのアランチーニ、ミニの Toad In The Hole (ヨークシャープディングにソーセージが入ったもの)。デザートのフィナンシェとストーレンスライスも一緒にのせました。

Although we had Christmas Dinner at the hotel on the day itself, we wanted to have our Christmas Dinner at home, so we’ll be having it tomorrow and we decided to have some ‘picky foods’ for the evening meal today.  We’d bought some ‘finger food’ that you can just warm up in the oven, so we had them with some cheese, ham, salami and also Financier & Stollen Slices.  The finger food was Vegetable Spring Rolls, Nduja & Mozzarella Aranchini & mini Toad In the Hole.





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