Picky Foods


It rained a lot today again and was also very windy – not weather you want to go out in so we happily stayed at home.

クリスマスの後で一度食べたフィンガーフード風のものがまだ半分残っていたので、食べてしまうことにしました。前回同様、野菜春巻き、ンドゥヤとモッツァレラのアランチーニ、ミニの Toad In The Hole (ヨークシャープディングにソーセージが入ったもの)、他にチーズ(モンドールとゴルゴンゾーラ・ドルチェ)、無花果、葡萄、オリーブ。

After Christmas we had some finger foods (M&S) but a half of all of them were still left so we decided to have them for our supper – vegetable spring rolls, nduja & mozzarella arancini,  and mini toad in the hole.  We also had cheese (Mont D’or and Gorgonzola Dolce), with figs, grapes & olives.




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