Tenerife Day 2 / Dinner (“Teppan-yaki“)


I forgot to blog the dinner on the 2nd day in Tenerife. We went to the “Teppan-yaki”, which we thought was quite a safe choice, how bad can it be? Well…


Strange menu for a “Teppan-yaki”. Chicken with teriyaki sauce, Pork with balsamic sauce…and no beef option.


After salad, the chef cooked fried rice with lots and lots of soy sauce. In Japan, we never serve rice first, rice is something to fill you up at the end of a meal.


I ordered pork and my husband ordered chicken, we were going to share them but I had a few slices of pork and just 1 piece of chicken and it was enough.


For dessert, my husband had red bean ice cream, I had sesame ice cream. The sesame seeds in the ice cream were rancid and the red bean ice cream had almost no taste of red beans.


We started to feel scared of meal times…

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