Lunch With Friends At “The Hawkley Inn”


It’s March already, 2 months have gone this year already.

今日は香港時代のお友達とランチをしながらキャッチアップをしました。ランチの場所は、ご夫婦が以前行ったことがあるというパブ「The Hawkley Inn」。車で我が家から50分ほどのところでした。平日の昼間なのにとても賑わっていたので、人気のパブのようです。

We had catch-up with our friends from Hong Kong days over lunch at “The Hawkley Inn”, which is about 50 minutes by car from us but closer to our friends.  It’s middle of the week but it looked full so it must be very popular.



To start my husband had chicken pate, our friend’s husband had fried Calamari.  I had bread with olive oil but there was really too much bread so I had only a few pieces.


For the mains, 3 of us were going to order Beef Goulash but it was gone, I wish people would tell you what is out when they bring the menu to you.  So I had Chicken Schnitzel, which seemed much thicker than what I think of “Schnitzel”.  It was crispy and not too dry but sadly had no seasoning at all.  I really wish people seasoned before cooking!  I did use some salt on top but it doesn’t really work, meat needs seasoning before cooking!



Our friend’s husband had Green Chicken Curry.


Our friend had a Burger.


And my husband had Venison Sausage and mash.


To finish our friends each had Affogato whilst my husband and I shared a Sticky Toffee Pudding. (I asked them to serve the sauce on the side.)



We hadn’t seen our friends since we came back from Tenerife so we talked about our holiday there, then moved onto the plans for our holidays this year.  Our friends love cruising and they used to take a few cruises every year and are planning to do so this year also.  We have started talking about going on a cruise a little more seriously recently, so we had their advice on how to choose one and what to be careful about, etc.  It was a nice leisurely 2 hour lunch.


It rained a little in the morning and was mostly very cloudy in the afternoon.  The weather forecast isn’t often right here but I really hope they are right about tomorrow, as we are planning to go out and the forecast at the moment says it’ll be nice and sunny.

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