Family Lunch At Lemongrass (Thai) In Chichester


We had lunch with my husband’s younger brother and his sister at Lemongrass in Chichester.  They were in Chichester to go to some exhibition there so we were going to have lunch in Chichester, but we cannot think of anywhere we want to go in Chichester any longer.  At first,   We could think of somewhere we want to go to for a little while after we moved to England and also after the lockdown but now that we tried all the restaurants we have only a few restaurants that we like enough and as we go to those often we are getting tired of them.  There are so few choices here.


They seem to be very busy (well, I seem to write this about everyone other than us, I think everyone other than us is busy) and we hadn’t seen my brother-in-law for about 3 months as they came to stay with us on the New Year’s Eve.  My sister-in-law cannot take much ‘spiciness’ so we ordered mostly not very spicy dishes except beef salad.  Deep-fried vegetable spring rolls, beef salad, green chicken curry, chicken Massaman curry, Pat Thai.  I really enjoyed beef salad last time but not this time so much, it seems quite different each time.  The chicken in Massaman curry was so dry and I didn’t enjoy it at all (but the sauce was fine), but I have a feeling that the majority of English people don’t mind dry chicken.









They didn’t have any dessert other than ice cream for the last two times but they had banana fritters today so we ordered 2 and shared them.




I think they are good but I still prefer the Thai restaurant in Arundel overall.  I think ‘Lemongrass’ is a chain restaurant but all the staff here seem Thai people and it may be run separately?  I’m not sure.


It’s so windy today, lots of the narcissuses have their heads on the ground now.  However we can see a lot of yellow narcissuses buds getting plump, so I expect they will open up soon.

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