Roasted Vegetables With Couscous And Chicken


It rained again this morning but got much better in the afternoon, so after I came back from my hair salon I did do more weeding.  The aching of my legs were gone this morning, but I’ll probably have it again tomorrow because I did the weeding for about an hour or a little longer.  I did weeding in both the front and back gardens, cut back dog woods, and cut back the Christmas roses.  Of course there will be more weeds soon but I do feel better now that I’ve done it all once.


1/4 of this year has gone and it’s April from today.  Apparently March this year was the wettest March on record , I’m not surprised.  It seems to have been raining a lot for the whole winter (is March winter here?  It’s spring in Japan but seems winter here to me).   However, the weather forecast says it’ll be good weather for the next 10 days or longer!  I don’t think we often see so many sun marks for this long.  I hope we’ll be able to go out somewhere while the weather is good.  Fortunately, not much is on our diary so hopefully we can.  There will be Easter school holiday from the weekend next week so we should go somewhere this coming week!

さて、今日の夕食はしばらく作っていなかった野菜のローストとクスクスとチキン。クミン風味のソースといただきます。ソースは本来レモンを使うのですがなかったので、今日はライムを使いました。レシピは Delia Smith のものですが、フェンネルとケイパーは入れていません。焼く時は焼ける速さが違うのでお野菜の種類ごとにだいたいまとめて、出来たものから取り出しています。そして、今日のようにシンプルにニンニクとレモン汁とオリーブオイルでマリネして焼いたものと一緒にいただくことが多いです。数日経っても美味しいので、多めに作ることが多い。

Today’s dinner was Roasted Vegetables with Couscous and chicken.  The original recipe is from Delia Smith but I don’t use fennel or capers in general and I don’t mix all the vegetables together, when I bake in the oven because they tend to cook at different speeds.  You are supposed to use lemon juice for the sauce but we used lime juice today as we didn’t have lemons at home.  We tend to have this with simply cooked chicken breast (just my usual one, marinading in garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and, browning both sides in a frying pan before cooking in the oven).  It’s very good for a few days so we often cook this in a larger quantity than we need for one meal.









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