Roasted Vegetable & Couscous Salad And Chicken (left-over)


It was a lovely day today again with blue sky.  Sunny weather does make you feel good, doesn’t it?  The temperature is still quite low, though, it’s only 11C so it felt quite chilly with some breeze and I did need to keep my coat on.


It felt quite warm once I started gardening, though, because the sun seemed very strong.  We were out for a few hours, but I did some gardening after we got back.  I saw a couple of quite large stinging nettles this morning, so I wanted to pull them out and then I saw more weeds so I started weeding.  I also put gravel around the delphiniums because they had suddenly grown surprisingly taller in the last couple of days.  After that I also put gravel around the Salvia Amistad because some of them were eaten a lot by slugs/snails last year although they hadn’t started showing any sign of life yet.



There is some of the roasted vegetables and couscous salad left from Saturday so we had it for dinner today.  I marinaded 3 pieces of chicken breast in garlic, lemon juice & olive oil but used only 1 on Saturday and froze 2, which I moved from the freezer to the fridge and cooked today.  Some chicken breast is left but we can use the left-over for a salad or sandwiches.





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