Dacquoises Au Printemps (French Baking Class)


We didn’t go out today but were very busy with this and that.  I hardly had time to sit down from lunch until dinner.


Apparently, you have to feed roses and also do some mulching around them in spring so I ordered rose food and compost from David Austin, which arrived today.  So we put on some feed, mixed with the soil and then put the special compost around each rose – we have 2 in the front garden and 4 in the back.


After that, we did some baking.  Like I wrote the other day, I wasn’t able to bake along with the zoom lesson this month because I got the date wrong.  We made the first of the two bakes – Raspberry flavoured Madeleine – the other day so we baked the other one today – Dacquoises Au Printemps.  Although it says “dacquoises” it seemed very close to meringue as the batter doesn’t have a lot of almond powder.  Some whipped mascarpone cream and usual cream is added in between 2 dacquoises and each is decorated with a raspberry and raspberry flavoured butter cream on top.   Very cute.


When we baked Madeleine the other day my husband helped me a little but it was very simple to bake.  This time, there is quite a lot to do and it was I guess almost the first time for my husband to bake something like this.  He was enjoying himself saying things like “Wow!  This is science!” when he was whipping egg white, for example.  However, he decided he wasn’t able to decorate them well, so he just put one raspberry on each.  I have to say it was not easy, I wasn’t able to pipe the raspberry flavoured butter cream into good shapes.


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