Picnic At Home


It was another beautiful day today after the beautiful day yesterday.  We were doing some gardening and found both of our next door neighbours were also gardening, it’s that sort of the season now.  When I checked the weather forecast yesterday it didn’t look good from tomorrow for a while but now it looks like we’ll have quite many good sunny days.  When the weather is good and relatively warm like yesterday and today, I feel like going out somewhere but at the same time we need to do some gardening.  We are still planting this and that (we’ll have to re-plant the pots) and the weeds are growing very fast so we need to do weeding.  As it’s gone warmer (though it still goes down to 5C tomorrow), I didn’t wear thick tights for the first time this year.  I think I wear thick tights from September until sometime in May here.


Today’s evening meal was what we call ‘picnic at home’ but a little strange one.  There were some samosas and onion bhaji left from yesterday so we wanted to have them, but we also wanted to try the prosciutto and salami we brought from Rome, so we just put them together.  The cheese we used are shaved Pecorino we bought in Rome, Stilton and Boursin (garlic flavour).  We hadn’t had Boursin for quite a while.  We used to buy it often in Japan when we lived there because there weren’t that many kinds of cheese available then.







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