All Day Breakfast


It was very sunny again and quite hot as well.  I wondered what it was like this time of year last year so read my own blog and remembered that it was cool until nearly the middle of June, then it got very hot and our nephew’s wedding in early July was extremely hot.  The heatwave didn’t last so long, though.  This year, so far, the temperature hasn’t gone as hot as last year but it has been very dry and hot for quite a while now.  When we have shortage of water, the government would announce “hosepipe ban”, they didn’t in this area last year but when they do we won’t be allowed to water our gardens with a hose.  We can still water them with a watering can but it would be such a big job to do so and I guess we’ll just water the ones that we know wouldn’t survive without any water and leave the rest and just hope they’ll survive.


Shiso plug plants arrived today, so we planted them when it cooled down a little in the evening.  I guess they aren’t strong against cold, they don’t seem to be available until around now.  Last year, they grew too large too fast so I’m going to try to keep an eye on them, harvest them often and freeze them.  I grew them last year because it’s not easy to get hold of shiso in England.  It’s great that they grow well, but it’s not the sort of thing we use that often, even though my husband loves them, because we don’t cook Japanese meals so often and they had grown huge by the time I noticed last year.


Today’s dinner was “English Breakfast”.  Sausages, bacon, tomatoes & eggs sunny side up.  No mushrooms or baked beans, we don’t often have them in stock at home.  This is something we do when we cannot come up with anything we want to cook and we quite enjoy it.




Peonies have opened up quite a lot and the bouquet is looking more full and nicer.

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