Lunch At Franco Manca In Chichester


I had my nails done today – both hands and feet today.  I used to have gel nails many many years ago (I guess about 20 years ago) but may nails got so weak after a while and they would come off in a few days so I gave up.  Having gel nails done used to take a long time and also cost a lot so when they come off in a few days it really didn’t seem worth it. I did have my toe nails painted in Singapore though, because we would be wearing sandals all year round.   However, when I did a little research recently I found out that the technology has moved on significantly and it doesn’t take long and doesn’t cost that much now and also it doesn’t damage the nails very much.   So I started having them done just before our nephew’s wedding.  So far, they don’t seem to get damaged but maybe they will over a longer time.  I usually get just my hands done but as the weather is warmer now and I wanted to wear sandals I had my feet done today,  I have my feet done only in June, July and maybe August if necessary unless we go to a beach resort because unlike Singapore it’s too cold to walk here in sandals any other time.

ということで、お昼頃に終わるように予約を入れていたので、終わってから夫とチチェスターでお昼に Franco Manca でピッツァを食べました。最近、良くここに行っています。今日は、イタリアンソーセージとブロッコリーのピッツァにしてみましたが、やっぱりトマトソースのピッツァの方が好きだなと再確認。次回はいつものスパイシーサラミにします。サラダはミニのサラダなので1つずつ。

Anyway, I had an appointment at a nail salon in Chichester just before lunch time, so after that, my husband and I had lunch at Franco Manca in Chichester, we seem to be going here often.  Today, we tried a pizza with Italian Sausages & Broccoli for the first time but we didn’t like it as much as the ones we’ve had before. I realised I really prefer a tomato sauce base.  Next time we’ll have our usual spicy salami one.  We shared a pizza but had a salad each as their salad is very small.




It was cloudy today and also windy so I felt quite cold in my short sleeves when we were walking in Chichester.  I guess the temperature was around 20C, but it felt colder.  When we came out of the restaurant, the sun had come out so it was lovely then.   It looks like it’ll be nice and sunny again tomorrow and quite a few days after tomorrow with the highest temperature around 26C, so I think it should be quite comfortable.



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