Like I wrote yesterday, we bought a couple of prepared BBQ meats at Waitrose so we had BBQ today for dinner.  It was a little too cold to eat outside again (it was still around 20C but qite windy), my husband cooked outside and we ate in the dining room.


We bought “Mince pork balls with roasted tomatoes & mozzarella” and “Lemongrass & ginger chicken”, they were both very nice.  However, Lemongrass & ginger chicken was very lightly seasoned so it would have been nice to have some dipping sauce.  Next time we’ll make some.  I thought we’d probably leave some food but ended up eating everything.  Personally, I saw more BBQ items that I wanted to try in Waitrose than I did in M&S.


We made a large salad to go with them.  Panzanella, which is an Italian salad with some dried bread.  We used the dried bread with fennel that we bought in Rome and mixed with tomatoes, onion, avocado, red pepper, salad leaves and rocket.







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