Dinner With Friends

昨日はお隣のご夫婦と The Lamb というパブで夕食をご一緒しました。お隣は何年も前に2度ほど行かれたそうですが、わたしたちは今回が初めてでした。美味しかったと以前聞いたことがあったのでチェックしたことがあるのですが、メニューがお魚やゲーム系が多くてわたしが食べられるものがあまりなかったので行ったことがなかったのです。今回、すぐそこにあるパブに一緒にどうですか、とお誘いがあったのですが、たまたまビールフェスティバルであまりメニューがないとのことで、他のパブを予約します、ということで、「The Lamb」というパブになりました。パブですが中にレストランがあるタイプで、レストランの方で食事をしました。

We had dinner with our next door neighbours at a pub “The Lamb”.  They’d been there a couple of times some years ago but it was the first time there for us.  I’d heard from them it was good sometime ago and did check it out but the menu was almost all fish or gamy meat with not many items I could choose, so my husband and I hadn’t been there.  Our neighbours had originally wanted to go to the local pub very near us but there is a beer festival there this weekend and they aren’t serving much food so we settled on The Lamb.  It’s a pub but has a restaurant area and this was where we had our dinner.



We shared two orders of Bread & Olives between the four of us.


My husband had gnocchi.  There are a few different kinds of gnocchi but this one was the chewy type.  I had a little to taste and it was very good.  It’s sauce was grilled vegetable and basil sauce and was very tasty, although perhaps a bit oily.


It was only the Beef Burger that I could eat on the menu so that’s what I had.  The inside of the bun was very burned – so much that I knew it would have that burnt taste – so I asked them to change it.  The burger itself was very tough and dry (I guess it’s made of 100% beef, which has very low fat, and they over cooked so much that it had dried out completely), it was hard to swallow.  My husband helped me with some and he also said it was hard work to chew and swallow and he doesn’t complain very often.  I left about a half of it.  French fries were good.



My husband and I shared a dessert – Pistachio Ice Cream Sandwich with Champagne & Strawberry Bellini.  Pistachio Ice Cream tasted very flavourful and the top and bottom of the sandwich was like sponge and was also very nice.




The husband of our next door neighbours had a fish dish and his wife had duck, but they didn’t think they were very good.  Looking at the menu and also the presentation they seem to be trying to be a very posh restaurant, but it was a shame that 3 main dishes out of 4 were not good.  The gnocchi was good and the dessert was very good, though.


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