Handmade Cards By New Letter Press Gadget (Betterpress)


Yesterday happened to be the birthday of our next door neighbour (wife).  When you come to a certain age, you are likely to have everything you want (at least the sort of thing you can be given as a birthday present) and most of us are trying not to have anything we don’t need so it’s very difficult to think of something you can give as a present.  Also, I feel not many people in England give birthday presents even to close friends and if you give one to someone she or he will feel she or he has to give something to you for your birthday, which can be just a nuisance.


So I made a set of cards as a present thinking it’s something just a little and hopefully cards can be useful, they don’t take much space and you don’t need to ‘display’ them.

1、2ヶ月前にカードづくり業界に登場した新しいシステムで、Spellbinders Betterpress というレタープレスを家庭で簡単に出来るシステムが話題です。わたしも少し前に購入はしてYouTubeで使い方など紹介しているのを見ていますが、まだ使っていず、今回、プレゼント用にカードを作るためにやっと使ってみました。写真ではわかりにくいと思いますが、インクが乗っているところは凹んでいます。

There is a new gadget in the card making world called “Betterpress” by Spellbinders, which became available and is basically a letter press system that you can use at home.  I purchased it a little while ago and have been watching youtube videos that show how to use it but I hadn’t got round to using it until I started making these cards.  It’s hard to see but where the ink is applied the card is indented.


As it’s a new system and requires special inks, there aren’t many different inks available yet so some colours are similar to others, but I made them in 6 different colours and paired them with coordinating coloured envelopes, put them all in a plastic box and made it a present.



I kept them quite simple this time, but as I learn new techniques and get more Betterpress plates I will make more ‘stepped up’ cards.







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